Welcome to a very special community

Imagine… two hours north of New York City in the beautiful Hudson River valley, over 500 acre farm community with forests, fields, organic gardens, 10 houses, a barn with pigs and cows, a dairy, a weavery, a bakery, a pottery studio, a recreation hall, and a meeting hall.
Welcoming… young adults with developmental disabilities, as residential or day students, who are on the threshold of the important transition to adulthood.
Guided by… men and women who have chosen to live in a community dedicated to helping young people with special needs and to building a life which recognizes and values the worth and contributions of all its members. Long-term coworkers serve as houseparents and frequently assume responsibility for one of the work areas. Short-term volunteers share fully in the life of the community and provide support in the households and work areas.
Sharing… a rich home life with houseparents, their children, short-term volunteers, and young adults living together and participating in daily work on the land or in one of the studios, a stimulating curriculum of afternoon classes, varied evening gatherings and weekend outings, and joyful seasonal celebrations. Young men and women discover their unique potential and graduate ready to embark on the next stage of their life’s journey with confidence.
This is Triform We welcome your interest in our community

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