The Role of Volunteers

The Role of Volunteers

“One alone can do little, but if one joins others at the right time, much can be done.”
— Johann von Goethe

The mission of Triform Camphill Community encompasses a broad range of ideals. Whether you are looking for an internship opportunity, a formal training program, a short-term community service experience, or a new fully committed lifestyle for you and your family, you will discover that Triform offers all of these possibilities.

Triform is an intentional therapeutic community of approximately 100 people, about half of whom are young adults with special needs (learning, developmental, or emotional challenges). Located on beautiful farmland in upstate New York, with views of the Catskill mountains and the Berkshire foothills, Triform offers a unique opportunity to live, learn and work full time with young adults with special needs.

The type of involvement you can expect:

  • full participation in all aspects of community life
  • hands-on experience in curative education and social therapy
  • involvement with young adults with special needs in a variety of settings: gardening, farming, weaving, pottery, household management, bakery, estate work, forestry, artistic and cultural activities, educational courses and workshops, recreational outings.
  • opportunity to travel to nearby places of interest: Albany, the Berkshires, Boston, New York City, New England seashore and Adirondack and Catskill mountains.
How to Apply

Please consider joining us in this life changing experience. To apply, please fill out the application or contact the volunteer admissions department via or call 518-851-9320.

In Their Own Words…

Please click on the image below for a homemade video on Triform volunteer life by a Triform volunteer from year 2012/13.


Four of Triform’s young volunteers describe their role and their experience in the community: