Health, Well-Being and Safety

Health, Well-Being and Safety

The health, well-being and safety of each individual are of paramount concern at Triform Camphill Community. As a result, the following information outlines the services that Triform provides to ensure a high level of care as well as the responsibilities of parents and guardians to assist in that care.

Health Care

Health care at Triform Camphill Community is overseen by our medical director, a licensed physician, and managed by a registered nurse administrator. Overall monitoring of health care needs, support for medical questions, and twenty-four on-call emergency medical services are provided.

Triform requires parents/guardians to assume the general medical care for their son or daughter. Prior to admission, parents/guardians are asked to submit results of current physical examinations, including dental and eye examinations, and are required to schedule an annual medical and dental examination thereafter. As part of the physical examination, a listing of all allergies (food, drug, etc.) is required. It is also important that parents/guardians discuss any allergies, symptoms and reactions with their houseparents.

For those individuals who have psychiatric difficulties, an annual visit to a psychiatrist is required.


Triform Camphill Community is certified by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to provide both day habilitation and residential services. As part of this certification, the community meets rigorous New York State standards for health and safety.