Volunteer Life

Volunteer Life

Triform warmly welcomes volunteer coworkers who wish to live and participate in our community. An experience in a Camphill Community can be very rich and rewarding, but can also be very demanding and challenging. It is very likely that it will be different from anything you have experienced before. Your contribution will be deeply appreciated. All of us in the community recognize the enormous importance of our short-term volunteers, who invariably bring energy, enthusiasm, and questions that are most beneficial for the future of Triform. Each year there are usually fifteen young coworker volunteers in Triform from all parts of the world. You will meet as well, and become colleagues with, some eighteen committed long-term coworkers for whom Triform is a permanent home. While the long-term coworkers bear primary responsibility for carrying out the mission of Triform, you will join them in supporting the daily activities and social rhythms that comprise community life. Thank you for considering Triform as a new life experience.

As a volunteer coworker, you will:

  • Participate in a vibrant, exciting intentional community that embraces a rich seasonal and festival life
  • Interact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • Live in a warm caring environment with people who acknowledge the sanctity of our natural surroundings
  • Have regular opportunities to pursue and practice the arts
  • Enjoy a work environment that is varied and challenging and will provide opportunities for expanding your abilities

To volunteer:

Please consider joining us in this life changing experience. To apply, please fill out the application or contact the volunteer admissions department via volunteer@triform.org or call 518-851-9320.