Opportunities for Education and Training

Opportunities for Education and Training

Triform has designed a formal training program to ensure that the highest level of care and treatment will be provided within this intentional community. To meet this goal, we offer a series of courses, augmented by professional development seminars, conferences and workshops that focus on one or more aspects of community life, on-going work in art and movement, anthroposophical life, and health and safety.

Orientation Course

Where: Offered in Triform
When: Approximately one session per week
For: New coworkers

Study and discussion evenings on a variety of topics, including the nature of the human being, festivals in Camphill, history of the Bible evening, the individual life cycle, working with special needs, Anthroposophy & Christianity, the economics of Camphill.

Camphill Academy (up to 4 years)

Where: Offered in Camphill Village Copake
When: One full day per week, plus special courses and retreats
For: Coworkers who have completed a year of service at Triform or who have some prior experience or background in Camphill or Anthroposophy such as completion in a Foundation Year, Waldorf School training, etc.

Application & interview required before September to begin seminar year October-June. you can find out more at http://camphill.edu/

Health and Safety Courses

Where: Offered in Triform and Camphill Village Copake
When: These courses are offered within the first three months of new coworkers’ arrival and then on an as needed basis

Triform is certified by the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities to provide care for persons with special needs. As a result of this certification, a number of courses are required in the areas of health and safety, including: CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, SCIP (behavioral and physical intervention techniques), fire safety, rights and abuse.

Prospective Triform coworkers who are interested in these opportunities should contact the volunteer admissions department via email at volunteer@triform.org or by calling (518) 851-9320.