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Got College Loans?

Triform coworkers

With Camphill’s College Loan Support Program, They Don’t Have To Be A Barrier To Volunteering

A recently created College Loan Support Program makes life a bit easier for Camphill volunteers with college debt.

Your debt obligations shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the life-changing benefits of a volunteer year.

For as long as you are a Triform volunteer, we will cover 100% of your monthly loan payments.*

When you apply to Triform Camphill Community, let us know about your college loans. When you accept a position, we’ll get you enrolled in our program so your payments get made. On time. By us.

All eligible applicants will be approved for this program.

An eligible applicant is someone who:

     • Is a volunteer in a Camphill Association of North America member community

    • Is committed to a full year of service

    • Is a U.S. citizen … OR

    • Is a Canadian citizen serving in a Canadian community

    • Has higher education debt from an accredited community college, four-year college, or graduate program

In addition to loan repayment assistance, Triform ensures that every volunteer’s basic living needs get covered by the community. This means you receive a monthly stipend, a private room in a beautiful environment, wholesome, mostly organic meals, medical insurance, and other essentials – from toiletries to use of a community car.

Those are just the tangible benefits . . .

Camphill volunteers grow faster than they imagined possible, build deep, lasting relationships, and develop practical and creative skills that open doors for the rest of their lives.


Or contact the volunteer admissions department via or call 518-851-9320.

*Up to $500/month.

If you need more, let’s talk.