Part of the Triform Community: What Does It Mean?

Part of the Triform Community: What does it mean?

One of the primary things that sets Triform apart is the vibrancy of the community. The intentional community aspect of Triform speaks to the simple but profound concept that we choose “to be in community” with each other. We have a Community which recognizes each Community member’s unique gifts and contributions. This translates into an experience for your son or daughter where they are truly “seen” and their inner “wholeness” can shine.

Triform parents/guardians have chosen to be part of this community as well and have the privilege of truly seeing and being seen themselves. Parent/guardian’s gifts also are an essential part of the health of the Community. These gifts can be shared in countless ways, below are some:

Your Financial Support

Triform ceases to exist without the generosity of parents and guardians and the friends and family of Community members. The tuition does not cover the cost of this high quality life our sons and daughters enjoy. It is the expectation that all parents/guardians, whether the tuition is privately paid or state supported, will contribute over and above tuition, to the extent they are able to do so. This is an integral part of parental responsibility as part of the extended Triform Community.

These contributions can be made any time throughout the year. Additionally there are “formal” opportunities for giving though out the year. The largest effort is the Annual Appeal in December, an opportunity to not only give our own grateful gifts but give our family and friends the avenue to make contributions they may wish to make as well. Sometimes a concert or other fundraisers provide additional opportunities to support Triform.

Your Ideas and Time

There are many avenues available to you to share your ideas and time. The Triform Board of Directors has parent members as does the Triform Foundation. Concerts and other fundraisers are largely organized by parents and guardians. Triform’s current Strategic Plan, our blueprint for the future, benefited from the voice of several parents. This web site includes input from parents. A helping hand may be needed in various endeavors throughout the year. If you are lucky enough to come across a volunteer project that matches your talents, grab it! You will be very glad you did. Your ideas and time are invaluable contributions.

Simple Gifts, Large Effects

Each year one or more parent/guardian volunteers develop a “Holiday Wish List” for each house and parents/guardians whose sons or daughters belong to a particular house divvy the list up as a way to say “Thank You” to the houseparents at the end of the year. It is wonderful to be able to give thanks in these very concrete ways. It might be a milk-can, a waffle maker, a rug…and it means something from you is part of the day in day out life in the house, making it even more special.

At Family and Friends Gatherings you will have the opportunity to make a food and/or beverage contribution to the communal meals. These communal contributions help to make these occasions the warm events that they are.

In Conclusion

Being a parent/guardian member of the Triform Community is an opportunity unlike any other. As you watch your daughter or son grow and thrive as part of the community, you may be surprised to find you do too! You and your contributions are an essential part of what makes Triform Triform.

Welcome! We are so glad you are here!