Getting to Know the Community

Getting to Know the Community

One of the things Triform parents/guardians quickly discover is that the more they have an opportunity to meet other members of the Triform Community (including short-term volunteers and long-term coworkers as well as other young adults and their parents and guardians), the deeper and more meaningful is their experience and that of their daughter or son.

Fortunately there are numerous ways for Triform parents/guardians to form these bonds, below are a few:

Family & Friend Weekends

Held twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring, these weekends are joyful Community gatherings. Parents, guardians, friends and extended family are all welcomed. This is an opportunity to socialize, learn what is new at Triform, experience Festival life, see your daughter’s or son’s classroom work and work area accomplishments, join in community meals, and in the Spring, witness some of the loveliest Graduation Ceremonies you will ever experience.

Connecting with Other Parents

The Community offers several ways for new parents or guardians to make connections. An annual New Parent Breakfast or Dinner serves as a general introduction, a great way to meet other parents or guardians and to ask questions of parents and guardians who have experience in Triform. Community gatherings and committee work offer many opportunities for meeting other parents or guardians as well.

Birthday Meetings

Birthday Meetings are an intimate opportunity to sit down with your daughter or son and a supportive circle of Community members in a meeting whose sole focus is the support of your young adult and the fostering of their growth and development.

Committee and Other Volunteer Work

Committee work is one of the very best ways to get to know others in the extended Triform Community. There are numerous opportunities available to partake in the fun and satisfaction of working together to realize goals for the health and betterment of Triform.

The Parent/Guardian Handbook

The Parent/Guardian Handbook, a helpful guide to general expectations about your personal responsibilities vis-à-vis your son’s or daughter’s care, doctor’s appointments, clothing, medications, spending money etc., is issued to incoming parents/guardians and is updated with names and addresses annually, making up-to-date contact information for parents and guardians and coworkers available to you.