Triform: Gesture of Care

We are very proud of this new portrait of some of the people and places that make Triform such a special community. We hope that you enjoy the glimpses it offers into the distinctive rhythms of life, learning, work and celebration shared by Triform’s students and coworkers. Many thanks to Sand Grain Productions and the video’s director Tracy Christian!

Triform: Tones of a Community

Tones of a Community was lovingly made in late 2009 by the talented Martin Wilson and Saul Rodgar of Roma Productions. As film makers, both Martin and Saul have used their talents to create promotional materials for various organizations serving individuals with special needs. Martin Wilson is a former short-term Camphill coworker. His brother, Pierre, is currently a journeyman at Triform.

The Triform Bell Choir, featured on the video, is comprised of special needs young adults at Triform who do not read music, and thus are both taught and conducted by hand signs. Our bell choir has won the hearts of audiences while performing in benefit concerts at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York City, at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, and for numerous local events.

In Their Own Words…

Triform’s volunteers describe their experiences: