Triform’s Biodynamic and Organic Farm & Garden

Biodynamic and organic farming at Triform

WorkActivities_farm_04In 1924, philosopher Rudolph Steiner introduced the term biodynamic farming. He conceived of agriculture and farming holistically, instilling the ideal of balance between plants, animals and soil. He believed that a “biodynamic farm”— could produce everything it needs, therefore becoming self-sustaining. In this manner, a farm functions as an “ecological community” the way an organ functions in the body. Steiner ultimately believed that the farmer maintains a personal relationship with the farm, becoming an active participant. This relationship is a key ingredient in biodynamics. Biodynamic farming also strictly avoids the use of fertilizers, pesticides and hormones.

Steiner’s philosophical holistic approach is the basis of Triform’s work with developmentally disabled individuals. His concepts are put to practical use in Triform’s unique program incorporating farming and gardening with arts and crafts, music and movement therapy, education and economics.

Demeter Certified Organic

Triform Camphill Community Farm and Gardens are certified organic by The Demeter Association. The Demeter Association was founded in Europe in 1928 to support and promote the Biodynamic agricultural methods that Rudolf Steiner set forth in 1924. Today, Demeter is an assembly of 20 country–based organizations, including the U.S. Demeter Association Inc., which certified its first farm in 1982.

Demeter Association Inc. is a national, independent, non–profit corporation assuring people that Biodynamic foods in the United States and Mexico are grown and processed with the strictest care and integrity. To maintain the highest degree of authentication, the Demeter Association oversees not only planting and growing foods, but also the processing facilities of its certified products. Certified farms and processing factories are visited annually to ensure continued their accordance with Demeter certified Biodynamic standards.