“After almost 25 years of working with both private and state agencies that serve people with developmental disabilities there is only one place I recommend without hesitation or reservation and that is Triform.

While other places talk about focusing in on the gifts and capacities rather than the deficits of people, Triform actually does this. They know how to identify the strengths (technical and spiritual) of a person and then incorporate those gifts into the success of their community. Triform makes sure that each person has a rightful claim to that collective success and has a sense of being a valued member of that community and a feeling of belonging.”

– Linda LeTendre, LMSW

“It has been remarkable to watch our son’s growth and pride as he moves into his own world, beyond our home. He is thriving in a shared living community. It is a comfort to know that, through his experiences at Triform, he and we are laying the groundwork for a rich and fulfilling life for him.”

– Doug and Betty, parents  

“I feel a profound connection to the youth guidance work that is being done in the community and to many of the young people and long-term coworkers. The work being done in Triform is critical for the lives of all of its residents, and somehow such a part of my heart that I feel strongly I must be a part of it. The joy I feel is overwhelming when I am working in home economics or the weavery or the farm with someone and I see that they have learned a new skill, or when one of the young people I’m living with freely offers me a smile, hug, or their help with a meal, or when I connect on a deeper level with a long-term coworker.

I’m sure it will be difficult for me to leave again in a few days, but I know I’ll be back—I just can’t seem to stay away.”

– Liva, volunteer from California

“Triform has been an artistic home and a nurturing community to Walking the dog Theater and to our work since we first moved to New York over ten years ago. We have rehearsed and incubated and performed many productions there, sharing in its life.

Triform is a community that honors the individual and the spirit of fellowship through mutual support and recognition. It is a vibrant community that fosters the creativity and personal development of its members. Its spirit is characterized by warmth and generosity. It is a place where you can sit down at a picnic table or share a meal and find yourself in a conversation that unexpectedly enriches your life.

I am deeply grateful to Triform for its many years of support and encouragement.”

– David Anderson, Executive Artistic Director, Walking the dog Theater, Inc.

“I like the Meat Shop, the Farm and the Weavery the best. I love working at the Soup Kitchen giving food to the homeless people. The food is really good. It’s the coolest volunteer job I’ve ever had but I like working with the elderly too.”

– Mandy , Young Adult

“I feel that Triform has helped me by having independence and to do things on my own. I also learned a lot about having responsibility for myself and to be a better person and to help others. Being on time was always the hardest one for me. Triform helped me learn that. Also to find someone.to fill in for me if I was sick or not well.”

– Louisa, a recent graduate

“At a time when, for many young adults with special needs, life options seem to narrow and their future grows more uncertain —– Triform appears like a beacon of light, offering community; life and work skill development; and the opportunity to learn about themselves and others. It is a place of many contrasts, but none more profound than the tranquility and peace experienced there in the midst of a thriving, communal energy.”

– Jim, parent and Chairman of Triform Board

“As retired Director of Community Services for Columbia County I can proudly point to Triform as an outstanding community resource. Young people benefit from a reassuring and affirming environment, a true community in which maturation, learning and self actualization can occur. Friendship, guidance and mutuality mark the attributes offered by the Triform experience. I’ve seen Triform change lives.”

– Michael G. O’Leary, DSW

“Triform has given Kelly what she has always been missing–a peer group. She finally has friends to share experiences with and a place where she can fit in. It is such a beautiful thing for her and for all of our family to be part of.”

– Cathi, parent

“Hello! I’m Sumin from South Korea and I’ve been living in Triform Camphill, NY for two months.

I think the symbol of Triform is the candle. People in Triform always use the candles when they have a meal and a gathering. It is interesting for me because in my country, South Korea, people do not use candles when they have a meal or gathering etc. Besides, I heard most Americans also don’t use them. Therefore, using the candles is a distinctive custom of Triform Camphill.

In addition, there are a lot of similarities between Camphill and the candle. The flame of candle is pretty small compared with any light. However, it is one of the most beautiful and cozy lights in the world.

To me, Triform Camphill looks like the candle. Before I came here, I couldn’t see ‘the light’ of Triform Camphill because Triform Camphill was too far away from me but I really wanted to go to Triform Camphill. So, from South Korea I flew over the Pacific Ocean and now I’m living in Triform Camphill. Under ‘the light’ of Triform Camphill, I’m feeling peaceful, warm and cozy. I love ‘the light’ of Triform Camphill!”

안녕하세요. 저는 한국에서 온 수민이라고 합니다. 뉴욕 주 Triform 캠프힐에 온지 두 달이 다되어가네요.

저는 Triform의 상징이 촛불이라 생각합니다. 여기 Triform 사람들은 식사를 할 때나 모임을 가질 때 항상 촛불을 사용해요. 이 점은 저한테 무척 흥미로워요. 왜냐면, 우리 한국에서는 한국 사람들은 식사 때나 모임 때 촛불을 사용하지 않아요. 그리고 대부분의 미국사람들 또한 굳이 촛불을 사용하지 않는다고 들었어요. 그래서 저는 촛불 사용은 Triform 캠프힐만의 독특한 관습이라고 봐요.

게다가 Triform 캠프힐과 촛불은 많은 닮은 점들이 있어요.
촛불의 불은 다른 불에 비하면 작지만, 세상에서 가장 아름답고 편안한 불빛이라 할 수 있어요. 저에게는 Triform 캠프힐이 촛불과 같아요. 이곳에 오기 전에 Triform 캠프힐은 저에게 너무 멀어 Triform 캠프힐의 ‘불빛’을 볼 수 없었어요. 하지만 저는 정말 경험하고 싶어 한국에서 태평양을 건너 지금은 Triform 캠프힐에서 생활하고 있습니다. Triform 캠프힐의 ‘불빛’ 아래에서 저는 평화로움과 따스함 그리고 편안함을 느끼고 있어요. 저는 Triform 캠프힐의 ‘불빛’을 사랑합니다!

– Sumin, volunteer from South Korea

“I really am too busy to give a quote for the web site. I am with Theodore now and in a few minutes Maggie will pick me up and bring me to a birthday lunch, then I have some therapies this afternoon. Tonight I can’t talk either. I am going to a festival meeting or volunteering at the Salvation Army (I haven’t made up my mind which one I’ll do). Well, tomorrow in the morning my case manager comes for a visit and takes me out and then in the afternoon I have classes. Wednesday I am just too busy!”

– Lindsay, young adult

“I love people, the environment and the food; and doing lime and the wood chips. The animals are cool. Being a day student is fun.”

– Danny, young adult

”When I joined Triform as a young Americorps worker, fresh from Cornell, I did not know what to expect. I was hoping to learn about the world and people with special needs. Now, seven years later I am married to a man that I met in Camphill and mother of a two year old and a newborn. These years have brought a wider, broader perspective on how Triform works.

As a mother I have developed a deeper appreciation of the special relationship between parents and family and their children. I have a greater respect for the process of letting go and allowing your child greater freedom and responsibility. I find I have more interest in the biography of young adults and what brought them here.

The life style that Triform affords me and my family is wonderful—a unique and holistic place to raise your children. Children see their parents engaged in work they love and meet all the different kinds of people that live together in our world. It is truly a place of international and intergenerational melding.

When we go out for a walk, we can see people engaged in enjoyable work, striving to help and support each other, and involved in the whole rhythm of life. These rhythms, the daily, weekly, yearly and seasonal are supportive of all Triform life and the self-development people accomplish here, and they are particularly supportive to the task of mothering and family life.”

– Rebecca, coworker and householder

“Triform has given our son Pierre the opportunity for a normal life, where he can work and contribute despite his mental and physical challenges. Pierre is always treated with respect and dignity, and he has developed into an integrated young man with a sense of self who can relate to and form friendships with his peers.”

– Reed and Bernadette, parents

“We loved performing at Camphill. The Triform young adults were so enthusiastic, and very professional. They were so well prepared for the concert. They loved dancing to my piano music before the concert. They not only danced but got everyone else to join in. What fun we had!”

– Michael Fennelly, concert pianist who has performed benefit concerts for Triform at which the Triform Bell Choir also performed

“I came to Triform at the age of 19, in between graduating from high school and beginning at the university. What I found was a different lifestyle than anything I could have imagined. It is easy to give the basic facts about Triform, the “what”, but it is almost impossible to describe the “how”. In fact there is not one Triform because everybody carries their own view and part of the community in themselves. All of these images together create the spirit of this community.”

– Jakob, volunteer from Germany

“Over the years, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of the co-workers. I’ve seen their dedication first hand and the outstanding results that patience and understanding can bring to the lives of those who need care and hope the most.”

– Anne, parent

“I realized what a fulfilling life my brother Pierre has at Triform when I spent time there as a volunteer during school breaks. Triform has brought Pierre and me closer than I could have imagined. Working along side him, I was able to experience his daily routine, both the struggles and the triumphs and realize that in essence, his human journey is not that different from mine.”

– Adele, sibling

”My dad found Triform on the internet. I wanted to see what I could do with my hands. After three years I met my goals and expanded them. Now I’m a very good weaver and a very good gardener. I can milk, but it’s not so easy. I like the coursework and music. I like being with the people and miss them when I go home.”

– Tommy, young adult

“At Triform, a wonderful and scenic setting, Danny has the opportunity to work in the barn, study art, and maintain his most important social relationships with colleagues and friends that he has known for many years. He is protected and secure at Triform, and, as a result, has found a freedom in his life and work that only a peaceful, well-organized, and nurturing community can provide him.”

– Clemente, parent

“From the moment we began our introductory tour of Triform with our grandson and his mother, we felt welcomed as a family. Soon after our arrival, we were delighted to see David leaning on the farm yard fence talking to one of the other young adults about the calves she was tending as if she were an old friend. Now, five years later, David is on the other side of the fence assuming responsibility for calves and much else in his life and feeling he has a place in a world he can give to as well as receive from.”

– Dick and Ebby, grandparents

Sophia Kunz, with her late husband Hans Kunz were the founders of Triform Camphill Community. Sophia, now in her 80s, is most gratified that Triform has continued the mission of serving individuals living in the Columbia County area and that Triform is better able to serve people with greater disabilities than it did originally.

Hans, returning from a walk around Triform said, “Everything is so beautiful. We have accomplished a lot.” And indeed they have.

– From Sophia’s discussion with Jeanne, Board Member